2018 Shakespeare Under The Stars

Shakespeare Under the Stars is a 6 week high school Shakespeare Intensive that begins in early July and concludes in mid-August with nine performances.

The 2018 Shakespeare Under The Stars production will be Romeo & Juliet.

  • Romeo- John Kelly-Roberts
  • Juliet - Elisabeth Giminiani
  • Friar Laurence - Max King
  • Mercutio - Callie Iliff
  • Benvolio - Ian Moreland
  • Tybalt - Dane Swigart
  • Escalus - Evie Jennings
  • Paris - Troy Petmecky
  • Lady Capulet - Krystal Morton
  • Lord Capulet - Preston
  • Nurse - Lila Robbins
  • Peter - Philip Snyder
  • Lady Montague - Danni Shugart
  • Lord Montague - Zach Moreland
  • Balthazar - Rigel Smith
  • Page/Abram - Hallie Strange
  • Sampson - Annalea Hvizdos
  • Gregory - Emma Fosdick
  • Anthony - Clara Standefer
  • Friar John - Josephine Fosdick
  • Apothecary/Servant - Neil Decker
  • Rosaline/Servant - Emily McCann
  • PotPan/Servant - Savannah Ramsey
  • Act 1, Sc. 2 Servant - Elysia Becken
  • Watchman 1 - Madison Mclarry
  • Watchman 2 - Logan Mallow
  • Watchman 3 - Abigail Burke
  • Servant 1 - Maeve Galloway
  • Servant 2 - Sarah Cavender
  • Servant 3 - Emma Baker
  • Servant 4 - Natalie Smith
  • Ensemble - Christian Young, Yahva Westbrook, Amaya Oddo, Luke Silva, Loren Silva, Alexa Thompson, Sylvie Standefer, David Hathorn, Natasha Schimelman, Mary Newman

The EmilyAnn Theatre was founded to provide a permanent home for Shakespeare Under the Stars (SUS). Originally a program of Wimberley High School, Shakespeare Under the Stars has been fully funded and administered by the EmilyAnn Theatre since 1998. This unique Shakespeare Intensive offers students ages 12 - graduating seniors the opportunity to study and perform one of Shakespeare's plays. Students audition in May and memorize their lines before arriving in July. Students select an area of technical theatre (set construction, costuming, or lighting) on which to focus. With guidance from the Artistic Director, theatre professionals, and interns, students aid in the construction of the costumes and sets. When not working on their assigned technical area, students rehearse with the director, working on acting and the understanding of Shakespeare's plays. Students also attend workshops taught by theatre professionals in topics such as fight choreography, characterization, and text analysis. The 6-week experience culminates with the production of nine performances of full-length plays.

The goals of Shakespeare Under the Stars are to:
  • foster a love, appreciation, and understanding of Shakespeare's works,
  • enable students to assist in producing a full-length play,
  • provide students with a solid background in theatre industry practices and safety standards,
  • and build students' self-confidence, team-work skills, leadership skills, and competence in theatre arts.
Shakespeare Under the Stars is under the Artistic Direction of Bridge Farias. Bridget, who holds a BFA in Acting and Directing from Texas State, has directed Shakespeare Under the Stars productions since 2008. She is the full-time Artistic Director of the EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens. For more information about Shakespeare Under the Stars, please contact Bridget at bridget@emilyann.org.